About me

My name’s Lukas. All my life I’ve been fascinated by anything technical and electronics in particular. With some help from my dad I soldered blinking lights and morse keys by the age of 12. Later, as a teenager, I got my ham radio license but have never done much with it. I guess I find tweeking circuits more fun than being on air.

A morse key built at age 12
A morse key built at age 12

Some time in the late 1990s I started doing computer programming and then hardly touched a soldering iron for years to come.

I was sucked back into the facinating world of electronics when I stumbled across a demo board with a NXP1769 microcontroller on it. At that time I had absolutely no experience with microcontrollers but I thought they’re fun so I immediately ordered one of those demo boards.

Soon after that I felt an urge to design and build my own circuits so I turned, quite randomly, to the PIC16 and PIC18 family of microcontrollers that I’ve used quite extensively since.

Over the years that followed I’ve read through piles of books on embedded systems and electronics and built countless circuits, some more successful than others. But to this day I have absolutely no formal education in any of the fields I write about here. So everything you see here is entirely hobbyist, in the true sense of the word.

I’m planning to use this blog to document and share some of the the projects that I’m currently working on.  Any feedback, comments, suggestions and the like are highly welcome. Just use the contact form below.

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